Pipe Flow Expert 2016 v7.40

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Software Untuk Mengitung Penurunan Tekanan Pipa & Laju Aliran System


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Pipe Flow Expert is a very powerful software for designing and analyzing complex pipe networks where the flow and pressure to solve the system must be balanced. PipeFlow Expert is able to perform fluid flow calculations in an open loop or multiple supply package network, drain tanks, multiple pumps in series or in parallel, and several pipe and fitting sizes. It is also possible to calculate pressure drop and friction factors using different methods.

Features and characteristics of Pipe Flow Expert software:
It has a very beautiful visual interface that is the best of its kind and is very easy to use
Isometric 3D drawings and standard 2D tube shell
Custom PDF Reports – Generate professional document results
Has a powerful computing engine to solve complex pipe networks
Calculation of pressure drop using Darcy-Weisbach method
Calculation of friction factors using Colebrook-White equation
Ability to model a maximum of 1000 pipes in the full version of the software
Liquid database with common liquid and gas data
Pipe database with common pipe materials and sizes
Tap shared database connections and data connections
Very high software purchase value due to the software capabilities
Reliable, powerful services and support
Learn very fast to use the software

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