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SmartPLS , Is the name of engineering and specialized software in the field of structural equation modeling. With this software you will be able to perform the PLS-SEM method in just one minute. Also, working with this software is very simple and hassle-free. According to the elders and scientists, this software is a tool that can be used as a turning point in modeling hidden variables. The software in front of you uses a combination of advanced artistic methods. Also, the user interface of this software is in a very good condition. As mentioned, working with this software is simple due to its user interface and you will be able to take advantage of the graphic features of this software.

Advanced analysis is very simple in SmartPLS software. This software is able to perform very powerful modeling in a very graphical environment suitable for you in less than a minute. SmartPLS Also, due to the project management capability, you are able to manage your projects well. You can also customize your built-in models using existing colors, borders and fonts. Finally, this software has made it easier than ever to start your project due to its defaults and pre-built algorithms.
Features and specifications of SmartPLS software:

Check out the new SmartPLS 3 software for partial least squares structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM).

The new SmartPLS  software offers many features such as
• Partial least squares (PLS) path modeling algorithm (including consistent PLS)
• Ordinary least squares regression based on sumscores
• Advanced bootstrapping options
• Blindfolding in SmartPLS
• Importance-performance matrix analysis (IPMA)
• Multi-group analysis (MGA)
• Hierarchical component models (second-order models)
• Nonlinear relationships (e.g. quadratic effect)
• Confirmatory tetrad analysis (CTA)
• Finite mixture (FIMIX) segmentation
• Prediction-oriented segmentation (POS)
• and more…

SmartPLS Particularly impressive are the easy-to-use graphical interface, the in-build documentation, and the nicely layouted results reports. In addition to its default report, SmartPLS offers a very useful Excel-Report and the possibility to export the results to R.

Available for Windows and even for MacOSX READY.

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