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Tekla Structural Design Suite is an effective suite that provides advanced and professional-grade tools to automate different tasks with optimized solutions to easily handle different engineering tasks. It can deal with complex design tasks with better reporting capabilities to handle structural designing and analysis tasks. Unlike traditional analysis software, with Tekla Structural Design Suite, you can create physical, information-rich models that contain all the intelligence needed to fully automate the design and manage project changes. Achieve faster design times and maximize profitability. The suite enables the engineers and professional designers to easily test the efficiency of the projects and get complete control over every stage of the projects. For better productivity and effective management, the tool delivers enhancements, improvements and new features that enable efficient workflows and has the ability to test the designs under critical conditions such as wind and other pressures. All in all, Tekla Structural Design Suite is a evolutionary software that gives engineers and structural designers the power to analyze and design buildings efficiently and profitably.

Features of Tekla Structural Design Suite 2020

    • Comprehensive application packed with unique features for optimized concrete and steel designs.
    • Offers useful and reliable solution for designing and analysis of different complex steel and concrete structures.
    • Enables the engineers and structural designers to effectively process and manipulate the designs.
    • Provides different management tasks.
    • Complete support for analyzing concrete and steel structures.
    • Gives you the freedom to work in collaboration in a truly constructible process.
    • Achieve faster design times and maximize profitability.
    • Automate process to save time and provide precise calculations.
    • Gives complete control over every stage of the projects.
    • Ability to analyze critical conditions such as wind and pressure.
    • Increase performance and produce precise results with better design features.
    • Complete support for managing the projects regardless of their complexities.

Tekla Structures 2020  formerly called Xsteel is Trimble’s powerful BIM software (Building Information Modeling) that is developed for civil engineers, contractors and other related people. It helps in creating accurate, constructive modelling of any structure regardless of its size or material. This software aids you in drawing 3D models and extract two-dimensional maps. The models built using this software provide the precise and reliable information needed to build a proper building information system.

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