Golden Software Surfer v15

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Pembuatan peta Kontur dan Permodelan 3D diatas Grid
Create Professional Maps Easily communicate both simple and complex spatial data. Surfer gives you the tools to create high-quality maps to clearly deliver your message to coworkers, clients, and stakeholders. Surfer Map Types Contour Base Post 3D Surface Color Relief Classed Post 3D Wireframe 1-Grid Vector 2-Grid Vector Shaded Relief Watershed Grid Value Viewshed Point Cloud Surfer 2D & 3D Modeling and Analysis Software: Contour map of temparature at 200 meters Image courtesy of Igor Yashayaev, Bedrod Institute of Oceanography, Canada Video courtesy of Alain Paillou, Amateur Astronomer Model Data in Multi-Dimensions Gain deeper insights into your data when viewed in three-dimensional space. Surfer’s 3D viewer makes it easy to model, analyze, and understand all aspects of your data. Switching between Surfer’s 2D and 3D perspectives ensures you discover all of your data’s patterns and trends. Achieve a 360⁰ Perspective Rotate your map Walk along the surface Adjust the vertical exaggeration Create and record fly-through videos to share with others LiDAR Point Clouds LiDAR is an increasingly popular data collection method used within many fields including archaeology, surveying, GIS, and more.
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