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3Ds max 2013 has been introduced with lots of new features which are beneficial for Game, design and CAD users. Lets go through some of the new enhancements that have been made in 2013 version. This version supports a new State Sets interface. By using this interface you can record a specific set of settings that can be accessed whenever you need them. The interface of 3Ds Max also allows the data to transfer to Autodesk Smoke, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop in real time. You can transfer cameras, lights, plane objects and blend modes between two programs. A Layout toolbar has been added in the interface. This simple toolset allows you to quickly change the looks of the interface between different presets.

Features of 3Ds Max Design 2013

  • Can create 3D models.
  • Animation, rendering and composting tools included.
  • Supports new State Sets interface.
  • Allows data transfer in real time to Photoshop, After Effects and Autodesk Smoke.
  • Can transfer cameras, lights and plane objects between two different modes.
  • Layout toolbar has been added.
  • Includes iray 2.1
  • A ReTime tool has also been included.
  • A redesigned Track view interface.
  • Improved Hair anf Fur features.

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