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Powerful software in data mining, machine learning, analysis and forecasting and business analysis. This program has many applications in business and business as well as in research, education, learning. Researchers and people interested in data mining and machine learning can use this program to perform all the necessary steps from preparing the initial information to visualizing the results, evaluating and validating and optimizing the output in an integrated environment.  The core of this software platform is open source and free, based on which many free and commercial products have been written.

This product was known as YALE (Yet Another Learning Environment) in the early years of its release in 2001. Over time, as the capabilities increased over the years, in 2007 the software was renamed to its current name, RapidMiner. The software has attracted the attention of many researchers and students in recent years due to its simplicity of operation, and on the other hand, the open source development model of this product has made programmers more inclined to develop it. It uses various algorithms to prepare and model information, and this wide range of selectable options has led many academic projects to use this powerful product, at least for parts of their work. Users without programming knowledge can easily communicate with different parts of the program.

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