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  • Schlumberger Petrel 2017

Schlumberger Petrel 2017

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  1. Lena

    Software jalan dengan baik dan di bantu install waktu sy tidak paham langkah terakir…terimakasih ya🙏

    Schlumberger Petrel 2017
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Schlumberger Petrel is integrated software for studying and solving all underground challenges, including interpretation of seismic information and reservoir simulation. Gasoline provides an integrated process for the development and monitoring of static and dynamic reservoir models, thereby eliminating all communication problems between different software for the preparation and development of these models separately and inconsistencies in data input at each stage or loss. This prevents them from being lost during data exchange, which occurs when using different software. Petrel software features: Collaboration and communication across multiple disciplines It will take some time to understand that integration is a vital need, but data integration is only the beginning, and to get a clear picture of a repository with a complex structure, work processes need to be integrated. This will lead to the protection and absorption of information from exploration to production, or in other words from oil system modelers to reservoir engineering and so on, and will lead to the fact that all will share the same vision of an underground reservoir. Whether the user is working on deep water well exploration or is preparing a community drilling program in shale rock, petrels provide multidisciplinary touring capabilities.

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