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  1. ika

    Penjualnya responsive & ramah. Softwarenya running. Good seller👌👌👌
    tamba deh bintang satu lagi 🌟.

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OriginPro 2019 has got more than 100 built-in graph types which will make it very easy to create as well as customize the publication quality graphs. It has got a built-in graph template and it can customize every element of your graph to meet your requirements. With this application you can easily add the additional axes and multiple panels/layers to your graph page. You can also magnify a region of the graph and can also easily zoom and pan to the desired X/Y scale. You can use the masking tools to exclude the data points from analysis or hide points from display. All in all OriginPro 2019 is an impressive application which is used import, graph, explore, analyze and interpret the data.

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