Oracle Crystall Ball Enterprise v11

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Performance Management Fusion Edition v11.1 Windows x86 & x64


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Oracle Crystal Ball Enterprise is the leading plugin for economic and financial calculation and analysis in spreadsheets The market participants usually cannot survive or grow in the market without measuring their financial progress and analysing their position in the market. Doing this analytical calculation manually is a much complicated and time-consuming task. This application eases your financial calculations and analysing the market based on the data provided. Oracle Crystal Ball Enterprise aids you in predictive modelling, forecasting, simulation, and optimization. After installing this plugin, a new tab will be added to your Excel environment which will ease your financial calculations and economic analysis. This plugin makes it easy to calculate and forecast earnings, calculate financial risks and so on. With Crystal Ball, you can make the right tactical decisions to reach your objectives and gain a competitive edge, even in an uncertain market. You can see the results of the analysis illustrated with different types of charts. It is an easy-to-use plugin if you are already familiar with Excel.

Features of Oracle Crystal Ball Enterprise

  • Contains various predefined functions.
  • It includes the OptQuest tool and OptQuest Developer kit.
  • It has a CB predictor and CB predictor developer kit.
  • It has got analysis tools and a report generator.
  • Correlation and fitting tools to forecast on the basis of historical data available.
  • Provides advanced optimization and calculation capabilities.
  • Builds on existing Monte Carlo and predictive modelling tools.
  • Enterprise integration.
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