NCSS 12 & PASS 15 Statiscal Software


NCSS, LLC has been dedicated to providing researchers, investigators, academics, scientists, and other professionals with quality statistical software that is comprehensive and accurate but still intuitive and easy to use.

Our two solutions, NCSS and PASS, are used world-wide by researchers in many industries and are renowned for accuracy, ease-of-use, graphical excellence and affordability. These statistical programs are used by thousands of customers including individual professionals and academics, as well as in collaborative efforts within large institutions.

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NCSS PASS is a software from NCSS company that is dedicated to estimating sample size and power in statistical studies. More detailed explanation that in statistical studies, the problem of determining the sample size is one of the most important and sensitive steps so that the sample size should not be too small or large because in this case we will cause errors in inferring the results. NCSS PASS software is designed for exactly this purpose, this software with several hundred tests and standard scenarios based on valid articles provides the ability to determine the appropriate sample size. With its many years of history, this software is now one of the most popular software in the field of statistical sample size determination, so that it is widely used in medical, clinical, pharmaceutical and other fields that require sample size calculation and evaluation. .
Features and Features of NCSS PASS:

Simple and powerful user interface
Estimation of sample size and statistical confidence intervals in a few short steps
Excellent documentation and instructional videos to explain software performance
Different methods of determining the sample size and tips for choosing the most appropriate method
Ability to display sample size and power graphs in a separate window
Ability to easily navigate, copy and display output properly as a tree
Ability to send multiple results to the output to compare and analyze them with each other

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