Kilgray memoQ Translator Pro 9.3.7 x64

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MemoQ is a software to speed up and improve the document translation process by offering the best translations in multiple languages. MemoQ is a reliable solution for professional translators who want to work on several projects at the same time, although the software will also be very useful for novice and novice translators. The straightforward and functional layout of the application allows the user to navigate the main parts of the application. At the bottom of the MemQ application view, see the current project plus the project development level, creation date and end date of the project as well as the language used in translation. With MemQ you can easily create, manage and translate hemp projects without much hassle.

To import your documents into the program, you can use the great support of this software in various formats, because MemQ can be from common and popular formats such as TXT, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, PDF and RTF to Support special applications such as TTX, XLF, MBD and BAK. You can also create them in the program for translation memory or use a TMX or CSV file to import existing memory. When you work on a document, the software shows the words in sections so that you can translate them according to the whole sentence.

MemoQ software features and specifications:
Translation memory: displays and suggests the same and similar sentences that have been translated to translate the current document and sentence
Supports various text, image and office file formats
Check for and fix recurring problems in numbers, terms, formatting, and other topics
Full automation via project ready templates

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