Itasca 3DEC DP v5.20 for Windows

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Is a 3D numerical model for advanced geotechnical analysis of soil, rock, groundwater, structural support and masonry. The numerical formula of this software is based on the discrete element (DEM) method for discontinuum modeling. UDEC is a two-dimensional version of it. Discontinuous material is a set of discrete blocks. Discontinuities are used as boundary conditions between blocks. Large displacements with discontinuities and rotation of blocks are allowed. The joint structure can be generated directly from geological mapping to model. The software also includes the powerful Itasca built into the FISH programming language. With FISH you can write scripts for users who want to add features for custom analysis.
Features and specifications of Itasca 3DEC software:

Material models include: elastic, anisotropic, Mohr Columbus, Drucker Prager, two-line flexibility, pressure softening, creep and user-defined
Modeling features may include boundary absorption and input wave for a complete dynamic response.
Extensive, fast 3D interactive menus based on OpenGL on-screen graphics
Available plots include: common structure, block structure, displacement, velocity vectors and lines
The tool includes a preprocessor that reads AutoCAD and 3DEC files to generate polyhedra.
Perform effective stress calculation using pressure pore slope

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