isee Systems Stella Architect v1.5.2 Windows

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A definitive modeling tool for creating simulations and professional presentations. This software allows you to create massive simulations and create a learning environment on top of Stella models that clearly explain the concepts of the model. The Stella Architect user interface can be published to the web, desktop or mobile devices. With a simple click, users can access your simulations from anywhere on any device with a web browser.

Supply chain management can be difficult, costly and costly in the face of shortages of raw materials or external components, delayed delivery and different demand. Even in most managed chains, supply can deviate widely from demand, resulting in increased costs and missed opportunities. Creating a supply chain model allows you to discover and reduce bottlenecks and the weakest chain links. From production and inventory management architecture to logistics, Stella Architect can help your supply chain.
Features and specifications of Stella Architect software:

Live Mode: Discover policy concepts with fast updates
Slides Presented: Rapid presentation presentation for discovery and learning
Error Identification: Quickly find errors in equations and units
View results: Using this feature, you can easily analyze the results of each individual variable
Data Manager: Quickly compare data across multiple strings, archive settings and results, and call them
Multiple patterns: system dynamics integration, discrete event and some factor-based modeling in the same model

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