I2d Model v9.0 C1d

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12d solution has presented 9.0 C1d version 12d Model, is a powerful surveying, field modeling & civil engineering software. This enables rapid production of a wide range of projects including mapping, site layout, road, rail and road design, residential & land development, and environmental impact studies.
The base product Model 12d is written from the ground up for the civil and survey markets. The workflow follows traditional engineering ideas, making it super easy to learn and use. Base includes 2d, 3d, 4d string types, interface, pipe, text, alignment and super to enable civil engineering and accurate survey modeling. Arranging strings provide independent horizontal and vertical geometry and are interactively created and edited in plan and section views.
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Key features of 12d Model software:
– Development of development plans
– Designing road, railway, highway and … projects.
– Port construction projects
– Land productivity projects
– Designing airport construction projects
– Designing mine construction projects
– Designing projects related to drainage, sewage and aquaculture
– Designing oil and gas projects
– Construction projects
– Designing projects related to rivers, dams
– Environmental studies
– Easy learning and high speed

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