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(can be custom username and password)

The advantages over other stalls are the same:

Username and password can be custom
Support Recording Meet [not all sellers activate this feature]
Account active as long as possible
Login via Gmail.com
Unlimited Google Drive Capacity
Set your own password after logging in for the first time
Can change the password independently at any time and is not limited
Can set recovery email and mobile number
Files can be shared Public
Account is a Fresh account that has never been created before-Anti-banned as long as it is not used for adult content and does not violate Google’s provisions
For those of you who like to collect large files such as movies, anime, drama, tv series, games, software or personal or office data that have a large size but are constrained by hard drives that are full and prone to damage, now you don’t need to bother anymore because we provide GOOGLE DRIVE with UNLIMITED alias storage capacity.

using a domain that is not complicated and simple
You can log in via drivegooglecom or via mailgooglecom or via the application on android / IOS, bro.

For the password, you will immediately be asked to change it when you log in for the first time. Please change it according to what you want

Please order and mention* :
-first name
-last name
-username you want to use.

Q: Can I request a name?
A: Yes, you can
Q: Is there a warranty?
A: Yes, only if you can’t log in
Q: Is there an upload limit?
A: Don’t upload files of tens of GB in one upload, so that your account remains safe
Q: Is it anti-banned?
A: Only Google knows, it all depends on them

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