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FLAC3D is an unparalleled program for continuously analyzing Lagrangian phenomena of various terrestrial phenomena. Although it is a powerful product in the field of numerical computing, it has many uses in mechanical science, but the main use of this program is in civil, mining and geomechanical issues. This program models and evaluates the nonlinear behavior of structures and structures constructed on soil, rock and other similar materials. In fact, these environments are interwoven together. The geometry of each component is clearly defined and dependent on its related factors and metrics. The user is able to change the geometry by changing these parameters. Changes may be linear although they may be linear, but any changes made to all elements may have a nonlinear state.

In this situation, FLAC3D is able to model and evaluate these linear and nonlinear behaviors well. This program is visual, but this does not mean that you do not need coding, you need coding in some areas to model complex states and achieve great abilities. In fact, the graphical interface of this program is available to the user only for the simplicity of the modeling process. Professional users are required to use maximum coding capability. Using this program, it is possible to analyze underground excavations, track stability, and the strength and durability of retaining structures. Dynamic and static lathes can be tested in dry and saturated environments. The relationship between soil, rock and other materials can be compared to the related structures and many other geotechnical issues.

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