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Deep Freeze is Faronics’ solution for quickly recovering settings and other Windows software changes after each boot. This program takes a photo of all Windows settings, after resetting it, restores everything to its previous state; If these changes are made by a user or caused by a virus, the software restores everything to its original state, and with this feature, Deep Freeze can even be an alternative to antivirus, and it is enough to reset Windows when the virus enters. The common use of this program is in cafes, offices, schools and in general computers that are in public use.

Features and characteristics of Deep Freeze software:
– Easy and convenient user interface

– Complete and accurate restoration of changes to the original state after each Restart

– Thaw feature means that the Freeze and Freeze system has warmed up or thawed to apply the required settings and changes on Windows (settings that do not change with a reboot)

– High security of the program by creating a dedicated or one-time password to access the settings

– Set the exit time of Freeze mode to perform antivirus, Windows and ‌ updates…

– Full features of managing and directing clients in the Server version

– Set the time to restart or shut down the computer

– Compatibility with hard drives with different number and type and different file systems

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