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Human decisions are based on knowledge, expertise and experience, and since these parameters are not perfect in any human being, there is a possibility of wrong and erroneous decisions in any human being. Therefore, group decision-making that actually results in more knowledge, expertise, experience and insights is a better solution than individual decisions to achieve a comprehensive and logical decision.

In addition, group decisions are much more acceptable to individual members of a group than individual decisions, leading to greater teamwork and effort. In fact, the simple view that two ideas always work better than one thought has become a principle in many advanced societies and their organs and systems, and it can be said that many decisions today are made by groups and committees, in such a way that The results of studies show that managers spend more than forty percent of their time in meeting.

Features of Expert Choice software

Perform fuzzy calculations and multi-criteria decision making based on AHP method
Automate optimization of decision scenarios
Ability to prioritize parameters according to their value
Measuring and managing project risk
Making optimized rational decisions in accordance with the desired goals
Has the tools of remote team decision making anywhere in the world
Have project management tools to determine the role and responsibility of participants
Analysis based on the knowledge, expertise and experience of the consulting team as a quantitative scale
Use different decision-making strategies such as comparison and risk assessment
Establish transparent communication to speed up risk assessment and execution
Analysis of decision sensitivity to changes in parameters
Has multilateral group collaboration tools and internal coordination
Examine conflicting priorities and explain the best possible case
Provide operational and improved reports and outputs
Use charts and graphs to visualize analysis results
Ability to design hierarchical decision diagrams
Creating coordination between the company’s strategy and customer needs
Allocate resources needed to reduce project risk

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