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Eviews 12 (Abbreviation Econometric Views) is one of the top specialized software in the field of econometrics and statistics. The software provides academics, corporations, governmental (and non-governmental) organizations, students, alumni, and the general audience with powerful statistical, forecasting, and modeling tools through its easy and innovative user interface. The features of Ives, especially in this version, are an artistic combination of power and ease, and it has made it possible for everyone to use it.
Features of EViews Enterprise Edition software:

– Easy user interface

– Can be used by everyone, without the need to become familiar with programming languages

– Well-built, masterful and innovative graphical and user interface

– Having a complete and efficient set of new econometric and statistical tools, in accordance with new and standard methods

– Designed based on the concept of the object, with unique components

– Ability to accept, read and write large volumes of various data formats, without intermediaries

– Ability to estimate and simulate econometric patterns with the best results

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