EMTP RV 2.0.2

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EMTP-RV with EMTPWorks formerly highly efficient software for advanced analysis and simulation of transient power systems. New and revamped versions of EMTP software as EMTP-RV are graphic aspects and speed of execution of the program in any way with previous versions, such as EEUG, ATPDRAW. EMTP-RV software can simulate transients with very high accuracy, but this software toolkit for calculating database usage and duplicate solutions is not in terms of post isolation coordination.
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EMTP-RV features and characteristics:
– Very wide variety of examples included in this version, is another feature that stands out.
– The output of the software with SCOPE VIEW is visible.
– Export plots of output to Autocad software.
– Export different output format programs to an environment such as Matlab software that the effectiveness of this version compared to other versions will increase dramatically. And it can easily be connected to simulations in different environments.
– Speed up and improve graphic interface
– The version of the graphical interface software used by EMTP KERJA. This single line interface circuit to run in the main program makes LIST NET.

General presentation of EMTP-RV - YouTube

Minimum operating system
Windows XP
Hardware minimum
Pentium III 800 MHz CPU or better
At least 256 MB RAM
500 MB of hard-disk space for installation

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