Emerson Paradigm v18 Build 2018

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Data Tinjauan perangkat Lunak Dalam Minyak & Gas


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Emerson Paradigm Geolog 2018 has got a support for the multi user environments like a single integrated environment for petrophysics, geology, borehole geophysics and borehole engineering workflows. It is a tool for both the generalist as well as the specialist. This versatile tool will enable you to load and manage latest generationof well logs in a single interface. With this application you can work with more information than with any other platform. It includes Determin, Multimin and NMR module. Determin is a complete suite of deterministic modules ranging from the environmental corrections to pat the summary reporting. Multimin is the optimization tool for statistically determining mineral and fluid characteristics and volumes for petrophysical data like cores, logs and petrographic data. NMR module is a high end processing, quality control and modeling of NMR logs. All in all Emerson Paradigm Geolog 2018 is an impressive advanced petrophysical analysis tool which is unmatched, it has been based on the Paradigm Epos data management infrastructure.

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