DS SIMULIA Suite 2020


(Abaqus / Isight / Fe-safe / Tosca)



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DS SIMULIA Suite 2020 (Abaqus / Isight / Fe-safe / Tosca) is a simple solution with a professional graphical environment with optimized tasks and tools. Users can improve their analytical skills and learn new tools and enhance their workflow. The application has accurate and advanced modelling and simulating capabilities with no or less error rate. The application is included with a model library with elements and components such as Metals, Tires, Polymers, Composites, Concrete, and other Geotechnical material including Soil and rock.

  • Perform analysis and modelling.
  • Advanced and powerful tools.
  • Improve skills and workflow.
  • Accurate simulating capabilities.
  • Library of components and elements.
  • Complete geometric and technical tasks and modelling.
  • Solve linear and non-linear mechanical problems.

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