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The complete strategic mine planning system NPV Scheduler provides a complete strategic open pit mine planning system with functionality spanning everything from pit optimization, pushback generation, cut-off grade optimization, scheduling, haulage optimization and stockpile management. The system provides alternative techniques for pit optimization to take account of material blending, or to maximize mine life. Its pushback generator delivers the most practical pushbacks of any equivalent product and its scheduling capability includes optimization techniques that look ahead to the entire life of the mine as opposed to considering just one period at a time. Who uses NPV Scheduler? Mine Planning Engineers Key Benefits Optimized strategic mine plan with design and schedule contained in one system Ultimate pits are optimized for KPIs such as net present value, cash flow or reserve life Pits are optimally sequenced to maximize NPV or achieve material blend Fast, practical, mineable pushback generation Sophisticated scheduling, blending, stockpiling, grade optimization, process optimization, production targeting and haulage optimization Easy-to-use methodology with multiple layers of sophistication, from quick studies to detailed mine plans Key Features Import data from various file formats including sub-celled models Computes most profitable processing destination based on parameters including prices, mining costs, processing costs, recoveries, dilution and more Generates LG pits and nested shells Generates optimal pushbacks/cutbacks using minimum mining width and other practical constraints Generates sequences optimizing all scheduling periods Produce 3D views, tabular reports, and various charts.

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