Csi Bridge 2015 full version & tutorial penggunaan

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  • Integrates application used for structural analysis and building design.
  • Got an unmatched 3D modelling and visualization tools.
  • Got super-fast linear as well as nonlinear analysis power.
  • Easy to use.
  • Shift from conventional structural design to performance based design.
  • Step by step guidance.
  • Simple installation process.


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CSI ETABS 2015 is a very easy to use utility and it is amazingly simple which is the hallmark of ETABS for many years now. CSI ETABS 2015 has many new enhancements compared to its previous releases like there is a shift from conventional structural design to performance based designs which is a serious advancement in earthquake engineering. This new method will guarantee that the design will last to a desired degree of efficiency during an earthquake. CSI ETABS 2015 will guide you at each and every step from the start of your design conception till production of schematic drawings. This immensely efficient tool has a very simple installation process which will be completed without any hitches and glitches.

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