CCG Hampson Rusell Suite v10.0.2

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HRS is the name of CGG engineering and specialized software in the field of geophysical analysis and its description. In fact, the software in front of you is a set of very useful tools in the field of analysis and forecasting of tank specifications in the industry. This software is able to get the results you need quickly due to providing comprehensive and powerful solutions. You will also have a very complete management of your project when using this product, thanks to the adjustable workflow of this software.

In addition to interpreting reservoir specifications, CGG HampsonRussell software is able to guide you through all stages of geophysical exploration and reservoir features from inversion and AVO analysis to multi-component interpretation. Extremely accurate analysis allows your results to be done with the least amount of errors. Therefore, by using this software, you will significantly save errors and costs in your projects. With the help of this product, you can perform even the most complex analyzes.

Applications of this software include applications in the oil and gas industry. In a way, oil and gas engineers have made very useful discoveries and analyzes with the help of this software to date. All the tools in this package will help you get the best results.
Features of the CGG HampsonRussell suite:

Ability to interpret the specifications of multi-component oil and gas tanks
Analysis, analysis and obtaining accurate and comprehensive geophysical results
Very powerful user interface that can be customized
Use advanced technologies that speed up your work
Extremely high accuracy in processing your information along with ease of use

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