CartoVCL 7.60 Pro Full Source

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Software Membangun Peta berbasis GIS & Delphi


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CartoVCL is one of the powerful components for building Delphi based map and GIS applications. With this component, Delphi programmers can create applications that can open and interpret gis maps and provide them with the information they need. Developed by gis and mapping experts, the programmers have provided this component to programmers. Working with a Delphi map without using this component is time consuming and takes a lot of effort, time and expense. The cost is due to us testing the program or components we write ourselves and the testing process as you know takes a lot of time and requires a variety of scenarios.

In fact, it takes a long time for a component to reach maturity and trust it completely. On the other hand, today’s customer needs are not as high as they used to be, expectations are high, and developers can eventually worry about the logic of their code, and it will be difficult to do if separate items such as maps and controls are added. The advantage of using ready-made components is that the customer is comfortable with product support, we know that the smallest problems are reported and will be fixed in later versions of the component. This component has many features and an online guide to all functions and classes provided online. Accompanying the guide with comprehensible examples is helpful in understanding how it works. There are also examples of programs with this component that programmers can model.

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