ASP.NET Zero Core 8.1.0

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ASP.NET Zero Core lets users focus on other parts of the application and optimize and enhance the development process. Users don’t require to design login screens, roles from scratch or develop components its all pre-developed. Just need to integrate into the environment and you are on. It has built-in Multi-Tenancy and advanced Authentication and Authorization. It includes built-in useful and advanced features which will improve the development workflow quickly. All the included frameworks are designed on .NET Framework, ASP .Net Core, EntityFramework. Angular, and other strong frameworks.

Features of ASP.NET Zero Core

  • Application with the user interface.
  • Developed with a strong framework.
  • Offers full source code.
  • Easy and simple integration.
  • Achieve fast and quick workflow.
  • Built-in Multi-Tenancy and advanced Authentication.

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