Ansys Gambit v2.4.6

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ANSYS GAMBIT is a powerful and advanced application with various modules and functions. It included analysis such as Fluid Science theory analysis for letting users perform analysis task easily. The application provides users with full control over the calculation to let users improve the network. Users can model fluid flow and heat transfer for generating various reports. It supports all kind of meshes and elements some of are mentioned above and few could be pyramidal or wedge. It has Windows-based operating system capabilities for a smooth and stable performance.

Features of ANSYS GAMBIT

  • Geometric design and built own geometry.
  • Improved with features and tools.
  • Easily design and create own geometry.
  • Mesh quality check tools.
  • Full control over the calculation.
  • Included with Fluid science theory analysis.
  • Supports all kind of meshes and elements.
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