ANSYS Electromagnetics Suite v17.2 64

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ANSYS Electromagnetics Suite is a powerful set of programs for the simulation of electromagnetic systems. This is used in various branches of industry. ANSYS Electromagnetics Suite is also the Target Industry Specialization branch and branch. For example, electromechanical equipment such as electric motors, generators, converters, relays, power electronics and magnetic design and MEMS products, special features are planned, and so on – high-speed chips or high-frequency microwave parts such as embedded chips, ICs and integrated circuits, PCB interconnects, antennas, microwave components and equipment for biomechanical medicine and EMI / EMC have many applications.
In general, this program has many uses. For example :. Check the characteristics of the efficiency under excitation, visualization of the electromagnetic field around or inside the heating and heating surround effect, power distribution and deformation mode, the main design parameters such as torque, strength, resistance, impedance, storage, and optical diffusion parameters S and radiation and so on . This package contains three ANSYS Maxwell software to simulate at low frequency Aktrvmghnatys, ANSYS HFSS three-dimensional electromagnetic wave field simulation and ANSYS SIMPLORER to simulate complex systems, power electronics and electrical control systems and engineering needs to cover data.
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