Keysight Advance Design System 2017

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EDA stands for Electronic Design Automation, which means a set of software tools for designing a variety of electronic systems. Advanced Design System software, or ADS for short, is a professional and advanced program from Keysight, formerly known as Agilent. It is for EDA that it provides specialized facilities for the design and analysis of a variety of radio or RF devices, microwaves, digital signal processing or DSP, and so on. This software provides professional and complete tools for all stages of schematic design, simulation and analysis processes and is almost unique in this regard.

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Features and characteristics of Advanced Design System software:

– Complete schematic design and circuit layout
– Leading with the latest technologies in the electricity, electronics and telecommunications industries
– Has a complete library of required components such as transistors, sources, diodes, transmission lines and…
– Ability to design a variety of analog and digital filters
– Ability to linear simulation and analysis of S parameters as well as X-Parameter
– Has a Radio Frequency (RF) system simulator
– AC and DC direct current analysis
– Ability to optimize circuit performance with 13 optimization tools
– Analysis of power amplifiers
– Calculation and simulation of the working point of transistors
– Graphic and numerical display of output information of various parameters with the possibility of comparison
Ability to work with Smith charts
– Using the Harmonic Balance analysis method
– Investigation and calculation of scattering parameters of MOSFET or Metal – Oxide – Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor (MOSFET)
– Transient Analysis capability
– Calculate momentum or momentum (Momentum)

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