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FlexiCapture Studio 9.0.4 is an exceptional data capture and document processing software. It comes from the worldwide famous and leading technology Vendor. This software is developed in order to transform streams of documents into business ready data. Along with the PC version this software also comes in iOS and other portable platforms.

With this software installed in your Mobile you can turn your smartphone into a live scanner machine which captures the high quality pictures and sends it to the back-end systems. This software has a number of useful features which make it best for Business usage. It has remarkable Auto-Learning technology which literally simplifies the system implementation and the set up. You can use FlexiCapture Studio 9.0.4 for Form Processing by which you can convert the information entered in Data fields into Electronic form. It is very intelligent software and you will get a scalable architecture. This software is a really helpful for companies in order to streamline their business processes. Altogether this software is very useful and it is already very famous in the Business related world.

  • It’s really useful data capture software.
  • It is very handy document processing application.
  • It comes from famous technology Vendor.
  • You can use it from your Smartphone.
  • It has exceptional auto-learning technology.
  • It also supports Form Processing.
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